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Join over 5000 others in conversations about the CryptoHack website, cryptography news, and mathematics and programming. Or just ask in #challenge-hints for help if you're stuck. We are currently chatting on the following platforms:

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Discord is the home of the CryptoHack community and this is what we recommend for almost all users.

Click this link to join:

You will be prompted to answer a simple verification question by our CryptoHacker bot to access all the channels. You can link your CryptoHack profile to your Discord account allowing you to gain special roles: just follow the instructions in your CryptoHack user profile settings.


Some users dislike Discord or cannot access it, so we are testing an alternative. This is a Matrix homeserver at which "bridges" all the messages from Discord. See our blog post for more info.

This is still in the testing stage and you will have to ask us to setup an account for you. Email hyperreality [at] cryptohack [dot] org for credentials and instructions.

Currently the server has the following limitations:

  • You cannot direct message (DM) Discord users
  • You can send messages to Discord, but you appear as a bot user
  • Our homeserver is not federated
  • You must make sure to save your encryption keys otherwise you can lose access to past direct messages you've received from other Matrix users

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